Application and Admissions Procedure

Please allow at least three weeks for the application process to be completed.

1. Read “The Value of Charlotte Mason’s Work for Today” by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay, which is available to read here.

2.  Learn more about our overall philosophy from Bobby Scott and Randy Pope, who were the founders of our parent school, Perimeter Christian.  You can listen to them here on Vimeo.

3. Complete the Application packet. Please download and print each of the documents listed below, or come by our office for a printed copy. You may also download the documents as a PDF and email them directly to You will need each of the following:

  • Student Application, or
  • Sibling Application for a sibling of an existing PCS student
  • Application Instructions and Forms which include:
    • Church reference form (to be completed by a pastor at your church)
    • Two friend reference forms (to be completed by people familiar with your family)
    • School references forms (K-5th and middle school)
    • Our Statement of Biblical Beliefs
    • Request for records (if student has previously attended another school)
    • Student questionnaire (middle school applicants only)

4. Send the appropriate forms to individual references, your church, and if appropriate, to the applicant’s previous school. Each form should be returned directly to PCS.

5. Submit a completed application form along with the non-refundable application fee paid here. This includes a testing fee for the applicant, as well as application processing.

6. Our Admissions Director will contact you to schedule a testing appointment. Each child is tested to ensure proper placement.

7. If a child is a candidate for our school, the next step is a family interview. The parents meet with two Board members to ensure a compatible fit. Middle school students applying to PCS are also included in the interview. In an effort to focus on the needs of the student, siblings are not part of the interview. Please allow approximately 60-90 minutes for the conversation.

8. Once the Board makes a decision, the family will be informed of their admission status. If accepted, the child may begin attending class once all fees are paid. Continuing enrollment status is dependent upon full compliance with school policies.