Upper Elementary (3-5)


Language Arts (Reading, Literature, Spelling, Grammar, Handwriting, and Essay Writing)

In 3rd through 5th grades, the focus is less on phonics and more on sentence structure, fluid reading, comprehension, and writing. The practice of cursive writing begins in 3rd grade.


We have found our Saxon Math program to continue to be effective for grades 3-5. The repetitive nature of this program cements foundational principles needed for higher levels of mathematics.


Just as in our younger grades, the study of the Bible is a key part of the day, and our goal is for our students to love Jesus and to love God’s word. Worship, prayer, and memorizing scripture are also important as we seek to make disciples.


History continues to be tied to literature in 3rd grade, but in 4th grade, we begin a chronological study of History starting with the beginning of time. This continues through later grades, culminating with present day during the 8th grade year. We use timelines that give a visual representation of both secular and biblical History, and each student keeps a Book of Centuries to summarize what they have learned. Through a progressive geographic study, the students eventually learn to “map the world” by memory.


Science becomes more structured in these grades, but it is still studied with the perspective of God’s hand in creating all things. Third grade studies water, oceans, and plants. Fourth grade delves into rocks and minerals, earthquakes, volcanoes, soil, and weather. Fifth graders study amphibians and reptiles, the human body systems, and simple machines.

Special Classes

Dramatic and Visual Arts

We encourage the development of the creative abilities given by God to each and every student. During art class, students are able to express themselves in a variety of media and methods.

Physical Education

This class builds habits of fitness, coordination, skills, and teamwork. Cooperation is emphasized over competition, and fitness over individual talents.

Foreign Language

Our current language offering is Spanish, and begins in 4th grade. We aim to expand our students’ cultural horizons and to emphasize the missional potential we gain by the ability to speak a foreign language. Our goal is exposure to the structure of a foreign language in order to prepare students for high school study. 


Beginning in 5th grade, PCS has a dedicated class to teach keyboarding, internet safety, and coding.

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