The 4 Loves

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” – I Corinthians 13:4-8

Who doesn’t want their child to experience this kind of love? This is the kind of love that our students receive at home and, at PCS, we also want our students to feel that same kind of love from their teachers, from each other and for the Lord. We can even apply this definition to a love of learning!

Love for the Lord

It is of paramount importance to us that our students learn about our amazing God and, at some point, realize their need for Him as their savior. We provide an atmosphere where they can grow in their relationships with Him. Our first priority is to make disciples for His kingdom, so we make sure that our teachers love the Lord and are excited to pass that love on to their students. Studying the character of God produces a love for Him and His ways. We incorporate a love for God into all our academic subjects. In Science, we appreciate God’s creation and the wonder of His works. Math shows that God is a God of order. Language Arts allows us to experience rich words from the Bible and other pieces of literature. As History is taught, a biblical timeline is incorporated, along with discussions on how historical events would be different from a Christian perspective. Art, music, and foreign languages are studied with an emphasis on God’s gifting to His people. Everything we do points to the Lord and encourages our students to love Him and to learn to hear from the Holy Spirit so that they can enjoy the Lord forever.

Love for Learning

Engaged students are successful students. Our students are excited to come to school (yes, even in middle school!). They cannot wait to see what will happen in their class each day. Rather than dry textbooks, long lectures or memorizing facts for an impending test, our curriculum spreads a rich array of knowledge and experience that propels our learners to explore and did deep. PCS allows students to engage in rich, varied sources using their own innate curiosity and creativity. Our teachers are constantly stretching themselves to challenge their students. We believe in a multi-sensory approach and utilize hands-on activities. We de-emphasize standardized tests, yet our students do exceptionally well on them. We believe this is because they are partaking hungrily of our abundant feast of learning, and therefore better retain what they have learned. Our goal is that they come to , and to understand the wonder of how history, language, science, math and the arts combine to illustrate the Creator’s glory.

Love for Others

Relationships are critical at PCS. We intentionally create space for students to become friends with their classmates, for teachers to love their students, for parents to be in community with each other, and for older students to bond with younger ones. Our Prayer Pals program allows younger students to be mentored by an older one. This usually becomes a very special relationship not limited to the Prayer Pal designated time. Our parents get to know each other in class functions, teaching enrichment days, driving field trips, and worshipping together during various school activities. Our teachers pray for their students daily. We are purposeful in developing healthy friendships with our middle school students through overnight field trips and a spiritual retreat. Our graduates carry the deep connections and friendships that they built at PCS into their high schools and colleges. Because God loves us all equally, we stress equal and kind treatment of all. Life lessons on how to treat others begin in kindergarten and carry through to middle school. We use biblical examples of Jesus washing the disciple’s feet and “the first shall be last” to train our students to care for each other.

Focusing on the needs of others is a great lesson for our students. We teach this by participating in local donation drives or other events. We also build service projects into our curriculum; twice a year, we facilitate family and class projects where students take an active role in helping in their communities.  God calls us to love one another, and this is an aspect of walking with Him that we do not take lightly.

Love from Teachers

Our teachers view what they do each day in the classroom as a ministry, and with our small class sizes, they are able to pour unconditional love and attention into each student. They truly know their students and are able to care for them in ways that meets their specific needs. Our parents are always astounded by their teacher’s depth of recognition of their child’s strengths and weaknesses. They are firm but gracious; challenging, but kind. With discipleship as their primary focus, they strive above all to build authentic relationships with their students and to teach the students to do the same with each other. Our teachers are truly the hands and feet of Jesus, and have His heart for children. As a result, our students feel secure at PCS knowing that their teachers truly love them.

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