Middle School (6-8)


Language Arts (Reading, Literature, Spelling, Grammar, Handwriting, and Essay Writing)

In middle school, the focus is less on phonics and more on sentence structure, fluid reading, comprehension, analyzing, and writing. The works of William Shakespeare are taught in all grades.


Instead of using Saxon Math, we switch to Math 1, 2, 3, and algebra textbooks by Macdougal.


Becoming an academic subject in middle school, we have a designated Bible teacher to help guide the students in a deeper study of God’s word as well as His work in their lives and our world. We also facilitate their understanding of Christ like relationships with each other. Our 8th grade students embark on a biblical worldview project that helps them define their own relationship to Christ, their beliefs, and serves to enable their transition from PCS to their next step in high school. Above all, we want our middle school students to love Jesus and His word.


The chronological study of History that began in 4th grade continues through middle school, along with enlarging their view of the world geographically. We include many field trips in the study of History, including an overnight stay for 7th and 8th grade to either Washington, DC or Charleston, SC.


From the study of space, our earth and biology to the study of our physical world and chemistry, our middle school curriculum endeavors to instill a spirit of awe along with knowledge of truth through laboratory and field work. Field trips enhance the curriculum including overnight trips to Dauphin Island Sea Lab and Chattanooga, TN aquarium for 5th and 6th grades.


  • Middle School meets from 8:10-am-3:00pm Monday through Friday.
  • Students change classes and have lockers instead of desks, teaching them responsibility and organization.
  • Our small classes allow teenagers to be friends without the distractions and pressures which often accompany large group dynamics.
  • Our graduates have gone on to both public and private schools and have successfully bridged the gap to their next stage of education.

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